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Anyone can use the term PEMT or call their device a “magnetic pulser”.  All you need is a magnetic and some wire and some fancy decorations to make it look sophisticated, right?

Well, as you know, the basic design from the first equations to the last solder do matter.  Who really made this instrument matters.  There are so many magnets for healing out there that it can be very confusing for the average engineer let alone a layman.  A doctor or healer may be highly trained in their area but know little about electronics.  A good example is the MD who increasingly relies on pharmaceutical reps to educate him as to the benefits and risks of new drugs. (Of course, in this case, it is letting the wolf tell bed time stories to the sheep.)

The idea is, that in a society like ours, there must be a vast division of labor for anything to get done, i.e. no one has time to re-invent the wheel every time they need to change a tire.  We depend on others and their training to assure us that a product or service is as good as it can get.  And in most cases, we come close because of continued improvements due to competition and human inventive genius. 

But where there is a lot of money there are shanningans as well.  According to WebMD,

“Magnet therapy is a big business. Worldwide sales of magnets for treatment is estimated at over $5 billion annually. In the US the market is about $500 million.”


Everyone is selling some miracle magnet cure.  This is because there exists an actual scientific basis for magnetic therapy as it evidence by the numerous clinical and experimental studies.  For just a sample see:


But, not all magnetic devices are the same.  They vary in power and effectiveness like night differs from day! One thing to keep in mind when assessing and comparing devices is the fact that to actually achieve a significant therapeutic effect, any magnetic pulser has got to make some noise, just due to the electro magnetic effects. Being as how this NG-Ultra device is designed to get the maximum bang for the buck (please excuse the pun), it was incumbent on Gary Wade to come up with a very quiet device that maintained the same therapeutic effect. This has taken some time and now we are able to unveil the new design, one that considers the comfort required for any patient and doctor ambience. Attractiveness and harmony with the office decor was also a concern and is reflected in a much sexier appearance. It is mobile with wheels and much easier to move from place to place. 



Gary Wade, a plasma physicist, (see bio), designed and  constructed this incredible device that produces effects that have been shown to actually work in 4 main areas, although not limited to these (SEE LAYMAN’S VIEW) And see TECHNICAL EXPLANATION.  Like other therapeutic devices he has constructed over the years, a tremendous amount of brilliance and care has  gone into every detail to get it just right.  He can build one for you. Since it is experimental in nature, he requires a signed commissioning agreement to proceed with the construction of the device under Federal Law. This protects both parties.  Gary has built many machines under such agreements.

It is our firm belief and commitment that this machine, the NG-Ultra Magnetic Pulser, is the best all-round pulse magnetic unit available at anywhere near the price. We firmly believe that this device exceeds the results of machines costing quite a lot more. Gary as always, has endeavored to bring this professional magnetic pulser to you at the most reasonable cost. Much work and thought has gone into building a machine that produces therapeutic results at a cost that is accessable to today's budget-concious clients. We have personally seen and experienced the wonderful results first hand and stand behind it.  If after reading up a little on this site, you have questions we are always happy to discuss with you, keeping in mind that we are not doctors and cannot diagnose nor prescribe, (please see disclaimer).  We understand this is a big decision and respect your due diligence.  Please see some of the links below for further information. We welcome your sincere inquiries and questions. 

(For purchasing or leasing, financing may be available through a third party.)