When a human being or any animal/mammal body is exposed to a rapidly changing magnetic field many things happen inside that body. 

This also depends on the strength, the speed of change, and how long each change lasts. 


This is just a brief outline of  THE NG-ULTRA MAGNETIC PULSER SEMI-TECHNICAL PAPER and, as such it is hoped that it will inspire the reader to make the effort to read the more technical articles by Gary Wade which explain this much more thoroughly. The reader who is willing to focus and re-read a line until they understand it, will be rewarded with a genuine and comprehensive understanding of what this therapy can do and how it does it, which is truly amazing. See links for articles at bottom of page.  Also, there is the article on benefits with and a collection of some clinical studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of PEMT (Pulse electromagnetic therapy or PEMF or PEMFT, pulse magnetic field therapy) as a solid alternative to surgery and drugs in many cases from soft tissue injury to bone repair.  The actual possibilities far surpass the present studies, and once the theoretical principles are grasped the recognition of how revolutionary this therapy can be are astounding.


The therapeutic action being physics based, operates on a far more basic level than chemistry (pharmaceuticals) and thus is able to effect radical changes without the dangers of tissue damage and ever increasing microbe immunity.  As you proceed through a focused study of the papers on this site hopefully you will realize, without us having to make claims, that this is truly an incredible approach.


You should read the technical papers for a full understanding of the quintessential ideas but here is a synopsis of the main concepts. I may over-simplify some elements in order to explain the process, so understand the following is my interpretation of the more detailed scientific papers.  With some basic understanding of the processes involved, we are always glad to here from you and answer questions and discuss issues in complete confidence.  Please remember, we are not doctors and only discuss this based on our areas of expertise, testimonials and anecdotal evidence, (although as you peruse the voluminous clinical evidence, you can easily deduce how specific benefits can accrue.)


THE NG-ULTRA MAGNETIC PULSER generates at least four useful phenomena in living animal tissue. They are:


1.    Charge density waves have been shown to disrupt and kill harmful microbe functions, such as pathogens, germs, etc.  Viruses are deactivated as discussed in US Patent #5,188,738.

2.    Pumping of lymph fluid by involuntary muscle contraction.

3.    Electric eddy currents produced in the fluids that surround the cells called the interstitial body fluids.

4.    And (last but not least) the conversion of fibroblast cells that are maintaining scar tissue into embryonic-looking cells that apparently can convert over into the cell type needed to convert the damaged tissue region into normal healthy tissue.(note; infections must be cleaned out before the body can properly repair and heal itself. This is facilitated by the first 2 working together. )


Quite simply, the rapidly changing or pulsating magnetic field creates multiple positive effects in the body. This has been shown to be completely harmless to the healthy tissues (when done correctly) and yet is potentially quite damaging to foreign invaders, bacteria, viruses, e.g. germs, pathogens, etc. 



Before we can address regeneration and repair there is the need to clean out any infections.

Whenever an animal suffers a traumatic physical injury there is both macroscopic and microscopic tissue damage. Viruses and bacteria that are normally in the blood flow now have new places in the damaged tissue to set up shop and develop into an infection region.

To make an effort to explain how charge density waves can deactivate bacteria and viruses or how fibroblast cells can change into something like stem cells that can repair etc., would be to risk misunderstanding.   We rather would encourage you to study the brief paper


By Gary Wade, Physicist Copyright 2008


for a rigorous and clear explanation.  This will be very worth your while.  Once you grasp the monumental significance of these concepts, with a little effort, you will be amazed at the potential for healing and regeneration that properly structured pulse magnetic therapy offers, i.e. the NG-ULTRA Magnetic Pulser device.



As the cleanup is continued, the 4th and perhaps most amazing function of the NG-ULTRA Magnetic Pulser unit comes into action; the accelerated regeneration and healing of damaged tissue and even, in some cases, apparently the replacement of scar tissue with healthy tissue of the kind that should be there.


One of the most important aspects of this NG-ULTRA Magnetic Pulser is that it can be used as a diagnostic tool for finding hurt and damaged tissue. It is merely an indicator, not to replace normal medical diagnostics. However, there are definite benefits to knowing where an injury may be. If the machine finds it, there is a very good chance it can help heal it. Some injuries may not show up readily by X-ray, MRI, etc., so this can be an invaluable adjunct to conventional medicine.  (For veterinarians who work with large animals such as dogs or horses, this can be a heaven send enabling them to easily locate the injury by observing the reaction of the animal to the slight discomfort at that region. This could save a valuable animal from being surgically damaged not to mention the obvious value to an human athlete who may benefit greatly in time and discomfort saved by being able to by-pass such invasive and harmful treatments as surgery and drugs. )


For a more detailed explanation please see:



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