What follows is a practical guide to how to use the experimental NG-UTLRA MAGNETIC PULSER unit in practice. Before using the NG-UTLRA MAGNETIC PULSER please be sure to read these treatment protocols over from beginning to end twice and follow them. Be sure to have all other people which may use the NG-UTLRA MAGNETIC PULSER also read these treatment protocols twice.




If you have a pacemaker, or a Cochlear hearing implant, you cannot use the NG-UTLRA MAGNETIC PULSER for fear of destroying their circuits. Also, all cell phones, land line phones, TV remotes, watches, hearing aids and anything that might be damaged by a high frequency ringing magnetic field which induces high voltage surges, must be kept at least ten feet from the coil when the NG-UTLRA MAGNETIC PULSER is in operation. Credit cards are safe from damage by the coil. Also, conductive closed current paths such as chains and necklaces should not be worn for fear of sparking between links. Great care must be taken to not use the magnetic pulser on a patient when the patient is in a confined area where induction sparking can occur. This will be discussed in detail later.




The NG-UTLRA MAGNETIC PULSER generates at least 3 useful phenomena in living animal tissue. They are charge density waves, electric eddy currents, and the pumping of lymph fluid by involuntary muscle contraction. (For other useful phenomena and more information on charge density waves and electric eddy currents, please see article:†††††††† NG-Ultra Magnetic Pulse Technical Paper )


A 4th very useful phenomenon is referred to in the paper above, i.e., In vitro experiments with human fibroblast cells which are responsible for creating and maintaining scar tissue after traumatic injury were shown to convert over into embryonic looking cells when adequately exposed to the NG-UTLRA MAGNETIC PULSER field.


The flow of lymph fluid is vital for the health of normal tissue and repair of damaged body tissue. The fluid that enters the lymph vessels contains the unwanted waste products of cellular metabolism and various proteins and mineral and elemental ions that need to be transported back into the general blood supply. If the would-be lymph fluid is not removed from the body tissue in general, there is no efficient way for the blood plasma containing all the needed cell nutrients to easily and smoothly pass out of the blood flow capillaries into the body tissue where it is needed for general tissue maintenance and damaged tissue repair. The lymph fluid can be removed/pumped out of the treatment region by involuntary muscle contractions induced by the pulsing magnetic field of the NG-UTLRA MAGNETIC PULSER unit. Lymph vessels which carry fluid away from tissues contain one way flapper valves which allow fluid flow in only one direction. When muscle contraction occurs, be it voluntary or involuntary, the lymph vessels are compressed and lymph fluid is pumped out of the muscle contraction region.

Large numbers of people suffer traumatic physical injuries that appear to slowly heal up, but there will remain problems in body part(s) usage/movement and quite often persistent or intermittent pain or discomfort will remain. The NG-UTLRA MAGNETIC PULSER in experimental work on patients has shown the ability to often alleviate, relieve, and change this situation. The NG-UTLRA MAGNETIC PULSER is experimental with no claims of cures being made or implied. The only way to know if it will help on a particular problem is to try it and see.




The business end of THE NG-UTLRA MAGNETIC PULSER is a 16 turn coil of wire that has a 10 Ĺ inch internal diameter and a preferred treatment side polarity that faces into the body during treatment. The preferred treatment side is the smooth side of the coil with no cable tie couplings sticking up. The smooth side of the coil has a magnetic South Pole polarity during the first half cycle of the ringing magnetic field pulse. Wherever you have a trouble area in or on the body, except for broken bones, you simply place the coil over it or around it for time lengths from approximately 5 to 15 minutes. With treatment interval ranging from once every other day to once or twice per day, with treatments several hours apart.


Let us go through several examples to illustrate how to properly use the coil for location of potential problem areas and for treatment.



1)    As a Tool for the Location of a Potential Problem area - The high frequency (~70,000 cycles per second) ringing magnetic field that the coil produces can induce voltages across and currents through conductive media or material. The scar tissue resultant from traumatic physical injuries has relatively large concentrations of a conductive protein filament material called collagen. These collagen filaments form an overlapping intertwined mesh holding the scar tissue together. When this collagen rich scar tissue is exposed to the pulsed ringing magnetic field of the coil, electric currents are induced in and throughout the scar tissue. Nerve sensor fibers in this region sense this induced current flow and the patient experiences a sharp slight stabbing sort of sensation at the damaged site each time the coil rings. By slowly moving the coil over the entire body surface most potential tissue problem regions or areas can be easily located and then appropriately treated. (You must watch their reaction to the treatment coil carefully while being sure to move the coil slowly over the their skin surface first at a distance above the their surface approximately equal to the diameter of the coil. On successive passes of the coil come closer by an inch or two per pass until you clearly find the sensitive regions/areas where there is possible/probable tissue problems needing treatment. However, not all potential problem sites can always be located this way, do to poor nerve fiber density in the problem area or just nerve damage associated with an injury.) A good example of this is with a knee cartilage problem, where the patient might not feel much from the coil, but may still get good treatment results. Another situation occurs where the patient feels the coil magnetic pulse strongly, but there is no apparent tissue damage or scar tissue. This occurs mainly in the head, face region, and lumbosacral joint and sacrum region of the patients body where there are dense nerve supplies. The outer tough jacket material that contains the nerve fibers of the facial and head nerves and sacrum region is rich in that conductive protein collagen. The electric currents induced in this outer jacket by the intense ringing magnetic field leak into the interior and are picked up by the nerve fibers and involuntary muscle contraction which pumps lymph fluid is caused, along with that slight stabbing sensation.



2)    As a Tool for Locating Potential Problems on the Back - Once a potential problem area on the back has been confirmed by the use of the coil, then the coil can be placed over this area. Keep in mind that the smooth side of the coil faces into the patientís body. Often the slight stabbing sensation is too strong when the coil is directly against the back. In those cases a pillow can be inserted between the patients back and the coil to obtain adequate spacing to achieve a tolerable slight stabbing sensation. The patient must be observed carefully to determine when the slight stabbing sensation is tolerable for the patient. Often a good treatment time length is five to twenty minutes at one location with the ranging of treatments from once every other day to once or twice per day with treatments several hours apart since this is not feasible for most patients, the time window between these short treatments can be compressed as long as the patient is monitored and is feeling okay. The patient should be encouraged to drink plenty of clean water to help flush any toxins from the body to assist recovery. The required number of treatments to potentially clear a problem away depends mainly on the type and extent of the problem and low grade infections in the region. Often significant relief apparently occurs with several treatments. You know that things are pretty much resolved when the coil no longer causes that slight stabbing sensation, which makes the patient flex their muscles and react.



3)    Knee and Ankle Treatment - Knees and ankles and their associated joints, ligaments, tendons and cartilage are commonly strained patient body parts. The simplest way to treat these parts is to hold the coil by hand over these areas. However, this can become tiring, so depending on the situation some sort of strapping of the coil to the leg can be done placing a folded patient blanket or pillow between the coil and treated body part. For the patients comfort and cooperation the backside of the leg or knee should have a pad under the wide strap holding the coil in place. Again the patient must not be left unattended. A five to twenty minute treatment ranging from once every other day to once or twice per day may work well, with the treatments several hours part.



4)    Hip and Shoulder Treatment - You can just hold or place the coil with the right polarization facing into the hip or shoulder region. To hold the coil into position wide straps can be used and as with back treatment you can place a folded patient blanket or a pillow between the patient and the coil if the inferred slight stabbing sensation is too intense. Again a five to twenty minute treatment ranging from once every other day to once or twice per day given several hours apart may work well.



5)    Lung Congestion and Constipation Treatment - Treating the back area and side areas over the lungs and or intestines may be helpful in cleaning up lung congestion and constipation problems. Treatment times of five to ten minutes can be tried at the various locations of interest. These treatments ranging from once every other day to once or twice per day given several hours apart may work well.



If you wish to see what these induced eddy currents can do, take a folding lawn chair and bring the pulser coil in parallel to the side of the lawn chair and watch the hinge areas for sparking. This is particularly entertaining done at night. You can also go to a hardware store and have them make you a closed loop of chain out of about 1 1/2 feet of medium chain. Now while holding the pulser coil in one hand with the plane of the coil vertical hold the chain in the other hand facing the pulser coil while jiggling the closed chain loop and bring it toward the pulser coil. You will observe sparks flying everywhere, but do not worry the frequency of the eddy current is around 70,000 cycles per second and the current from the chain will not enter your body. There is no shock danger, only a fire danger if you are doing all this around dry grass or hay. If you are the type of person that is easily excited by sparks flying into and around your hand you should not try this.Also, you should not do this around or in front of patients unless you believe it is appropriate and the patient is receptive.




When using the NG-UTLRA MAGNETIC PULSER it is useful to employ a pillow to allow a comfortable distance between the coil and the patient, e.g. when applying to the shoulder with a plethora of nerves, it might be more comfortable to place the pillow over the shoulder, then secure the coil with velcro straps or other etc.†† The same can be done with the knees, the back and other parts of the anatomy.Application around the face or head is better done by the assistant so that monitoring of discomfort can be done.The areas around the face, gums etc. can for the average person be uncomfortable when the coil is close. This is due also to the preponderance of dental cavitations and if severe can be indicative of serious dental conditions that should be addressed.If the patient is able and willing to hold the coil themselves, it can be beneficial for them to feel they are in control of the process.As conditions are improved it will be found that the coil can be held closer and closer with little or no discomfort.




You will note that the NG-UTLRA MAGNETIC PULSER has two sets of vent holes. Keep these vent holes unblocked for good air flow for cooling inside unit for proper operation and long life of the circuit. Also, keep the NG-UTLRA MAGNETIC PULSER and associated cable and coil out of water. The pulser comes with plenty of cable to the coil to allow the pulser to be kept out from under foot during treatments. Operate the NG-UTLRA MAGNETIC PULSER with the suit case lying flat only.


The NG-UTLRA MAGNETIC PULSER is a very high voltage device and is sent to the customer under lock. Only trained factory personnel should open and work on the unit due to the danger of electrocution.


The NG-UTLRA MAGNETIC PULSER is an experimental treatment device with no claims of any cures being made or implied. The only way you will know if the device will be helpful in any particular situation is to try it and see.