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PORTAL INFORMATION: If you are already familiar with alternative health and medical principles you should still read the articles on this site because most of the devices demonstrated herein are highly sophisticated. Since we cannot prescribe (due to stringent restrictions by the FDA, AMA, etc.), please make a thorough study of the articles and you will get a good feel if these therapies can help you. Magnetic and Oxygen therapies have been effective in most conditions that are microbe-based and even some that are not due to the multifarious effects they have. Because of the law, no one can claim a cure for cancer, etc., (even if it's true!), but if you read the literature you will come to understand WHAT IS POSSIBLE. If you are interested in a device mentioned on this site, we will send you a "commissioning agreement". PLEASE STATE WHICH PRODUCT YOU ARE INTERESTED IN God bless and hope we can help.

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